Yoshiharu Inaba, Chairman
Japan Robot Associaton

Today, people all over the world communicate through the internet, while information technology (IT) has changed society on a global scale. Various technologies such as electronics, information, video and sound are resulting in new products, systems and services, which are used in every aspect of our lives. Progress in JISSO technologies (advanced electronic packaging) has become an essential element in sustaining these developments.Commemorating the seventh staging of PROTEC JAPAN, and anticipating future progress, this year’s theme is ‘‘JISSO Solutions–See Them Here!’’ PROTEC JAPAN 2005 will be held as a specialized exhibition gathering and conveying information on state-of-the-art achievements made in JISSO process technologies, such as electronic component mounting equipment and related products. From this year, the exhibition will also be held concurrently with CEATEC JAPAN 2005, one of Asia’s most comprehensive exhibitions of electronics and information technologies and products. CEATEC JAPAN will showcase cutting edge digital products that use JISSO technologies, as well as electronic components and devices. I hope that this will provide visitors with the opportunity to better understand JISSO.The JISSO/PROTEC Forum Japan, which will feature presentations on state-of-the-art technology achievements in JISSO processing, will be held concurrently with PROTEC JAPAN 2005. From this year it will be cosponsored by the Japan Robot Association (JARA) and Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA). In addition, the Advanced Electronic Packaging (JISSO) System Exhibition will be held, introducing leading technologies and equipment by leading engineers and developers, providing a better and more specific understanding of the presentations in the JISSO/PROTEC Forum Japan.

I hope that you will use PROTEC JAPAN 2005 as an opportunity to pick up the most advanced product information and future technology trends, as well as exchanging information and to taking advantage of new business opportunities.

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