Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006

On the Front Lines of Jisso -- From Here to Tomorrow's Business -- Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006 Oct. 4(Wed)- 6(Fri) at Makuhari Messe

Admission Procedures

Prior Admission Registration from Specialized Web Site
By registering prior to the event, the entrance fee (1,000 yen for general public/500yen for students) is waived and admission is free.
To Specialized Prior Admission Registration Web Site
If you complete prior admission registration by Sept. 22,
Admission tickets will be sent in advance. You can enter by simply picking up a badge holder at the entrance.
If you complete prior admission registration by Sept. 23,
Please kindly print the screen of the completed registration and bring it to the prior registration counter at the exhibition hall. An admission ticket will be issued instantly.
Invitation Ticket Holders
Because the registration counters at the exhibition hall will be very busy, it is recommended that you complete the prior registration in order to better use the valuable inspection tour time. If you would like to register at the event, then please bring two business cards. Thank you very much.
Current Day Admission Charge
Please complete the current day registration by purchasing an admission ticket (1,000 yen for general public/500yen for students) at the ticket counter.

Notes for Inspection Tour

Inspection Tour Note 1 Inspection Tour Note 2
Since the latest products and state-of-the-art technology of exhibiting companies are gathered at one place, there are numerous "Highlights". When making your schedules, please make sure to allow as much time as possible to take the inspection tours. As this is a precious opportunity which takes place only once a year, it is advised that you visit the site two or three times during the exhibition period.
Inspection Tour Note 3 Inspection Tour Note 4
By confirming “high spots” on the official web site, please carefully plan an efficient inspection tour course. Find products and technology that you are looking for by using the Search Function of Web Site. For those who complete prior registration, a mail magazine introducing information about the high spots and other information will be delivered. Receive interesting information such as seminars and event plans and learn more about the venue.