Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006

On the Front Lines of Jisso -- From Here to Tomorrow's Business -- Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006 Oct. 4(Wed)- 6(Fri) at Makuhari Messe

Personal Information Policy

JISSO PROTEC Personal Information Protection Policy
Personal information is data from individual users. Items such as name, sex, age, address, phone number, e-mail address, records of accessing the service, other writings or numbers and symbols related to the individuals, which can identify an individual, are all types of data that are considered all personal information. Those types of data that can easily be verified by other information and data that can identify a specific individual are included. The organizer of the data considers the appropriate protection of personal information about its users as its social responsibility, and will engage in the following to protect personal information.
Collection Purpose and Use
The organizer collects personal information to improve the services of its website, and to upgrade it, for the purpose of admission to exhibitions and conferences. In addition, personal information is also collected to serve the purpose of questionnaires and document requests. Furthermore, personal information is gathered to provide data about the promotional information which is useful for registered users of JISSO PROTEC and to offer information about products and services of companies related to JISSO PROTEC. The organizer utilizes personal information of the users within the domain of these purposes only.
Provision to the Third Party
Personal information which is collected by this website will not be provided to a third party. However, there are cases where processing of collected information about users is consigned by signing a strict personal information protection contract with a partner company, whereby a system to protect personal information is consolidated. Bar codes on admission cards which are brought to the entrances of JISSO PROTEC exhibitions, conference hall entrances and booths of each exhibitor (companies and organizations) within the exhibit are scanned. The information is shared by exhibitors (companies and organizations) and organizers related to personal information of the users who attended the exhibit on a particular occasion. Please be reminded that various letters of invitation will be delivered to you by e-mail or the postal service from the exhibitors (companies and organizations) accordingly after the visit. The statistics of users who attended this website and JISSO PROTEC exhibition halls may be provided to associated activities and undertakings in a form which individuals can not recognize. However, it is not the provision of personal information.
Cookie and IP Address
The JISSO PROTEC site has the cookies which functions as a system to make users’ PCs automatically send information back to the website when it is accessed again by delivering information such as an access record and others to users’ PCs from the site when users access to this website. By applying information from the cookie, this website offers individually customized services and counts the total number of times it is accessed. The IP address is the figure which is allocated to specify the PCs of the Internet users. This address is automatically sent from users' PCs to this website to utilize the Internet. If this IP address is not available, then the Internet can not be used. This website collects users’ IP addresses to conduct research on the utilization condition of statistics, data and websites. However, no action will be taken to connect the data to specific users. Yet, there are exceptions that include the possibility of interventions based on the appropriate legal rights held by the organizer.
Rights of Users
Securing the safety of users’ personal information is an important duty of the organizers and this website. This website practices sufficient security measures to protect users’ personal information from wrongful access, leakage, interpolation, and destruction. The process whereby signals reach this website from users’ PCs is not covered by theses measures. Therefore, it is requested that all the users use appropriate safety measures on their own.
Links of Web Pages other than JISSO PROTEC
Organizers are not held responsible for the protection of users' personal information and such on other websites (business owners and individuals) linked to the website of JISSO PROTEC. Users who use this website are considered to have agreed with this personal information protection policy.
Contact Concerning Personal Information Protection
If there are questions about the personal information protection by JISSO PROTEC, please contact the following.
Personal Information Manager
Finite Responsibility Middle Corporation Nihon Electronics Show Association Director and Managing Executive: Jiro Irie
5F Sumitomo Shibadaimon Bldg. No. 2, 1-12-16 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0012 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)3-5402-7601 Fax: +81-(0)3-5402-7605

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