Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006

On the Front Lines of Jisso -- From Here to Tomorrow's Business -- Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006 Oct. 4(Wed)- 6(Fri) at Makuhari Messe

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Exhibition Products
[Electronic Component Placement Machine]、[Solderpaste Printing Machine]、[Flow Soldering Equipment]、[Reflow Oven]、[Dispenser]、[(PCB) Transfer System]、[Bulk Feeder/Other Feeder]、[Testing Equipment for the External Appearance of the Substrate]、[Production Optimization Software]、[Electronic Packaging Programming Equipment]

Electronic Assembly & Test Systems Div. (Hiroshi Ibata

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Company Introduction

Juki has been consistently proposing the modular concept with medium sized pick and placer.

Juki has been expanding 3 series of product range, such as a KE series (Expandability,versatility), FX series(seeking after the speed as modular type of pick and placer) and CX-1(as the placer meant for next generation) enabling the mixed placement of bare chip and SMD.

Juki will further expand its own worldwide sales/service system and develop Juki brand from now onwards.

Exhibiting Products

High-speed pick & placer KE-2070 / High-speed flexible pick & placer KE-2080

Category:Other Electronic Components Mounting Machines and Related Equipment/Systems

These pick and placers have just materialized further improvement of productivity and reliability, which are the newest products enough to meet the diversified needs following its unique 3E modular concepts (Economy, Easy and Expansion).

These machines secure the high precision {±0.05mm/CHIP}on basis of well received high rigid base frame with low profile body and increase the reliability.

The incorporation of newly adopted six nozzles recognizing device in the head units will make it possible to improve the productivity significantly by attaining both 16,000CPH for chip (by 20% faster) and 4,600CPH for IC (by 35% faster) and widen the coverage of handling the components from 0402mm up to 33.5mm square component.

High-speed modular type of pick & placer FX-1R

Category:Other Electronic Components Mounting Machines and Related Equipment/Systems

Taking over the flexibility as modular type of pick & placer, FX-1R is the machine thoroughly pursuing the placement at high speed. Without lowering the maintenance ability, the operability is improved.

Flexible placer for the next-generation CX-1

Category:Other Electronic Components Mounting Machines and Related Equipment/Systems

Different from the existing pick & placer, CX-1 is called a placer in view of more accurate machine placing both SMD and bare chips. And, with compound word of Connexion, this machine is aiming at connecting to the mixed placement of both bare chip and SMD.

The greatest feature of CX-1. It is that this machine can do compatibly for high accurate placement of bare chip and also for high-speed placement of SMD. Both high placement accuracy for bare chip at ±20 micron and high-speed placement of SMD at 10,000CPH will materialize the mixed placement in a machine.

CX-1 will bring the new added value to the customer’s production environment.

Other Prodcuts

High speed pick and placer KE-2050R/KE-2060R/KE-2055R

R series is full of various functions, such as
1) High precise automatic teaching function which reduces the bad placement by the shortening of changeover time and stable pick up movement.2) Priority mode of simultaneously picking up the components which shows a big effect to the improvement of productivity.3) Priority mode of pick up position which improves the quality of high density placement and unique technology of non blow placement.
4) Flexible calibration system which corrects the deviated placement accuracy after self diagnosis and attempts to maintain its accuracy with simple operation. Besides, KE-2055R is able to place the small sized QFP and CSP high accurately.